One more partner is added to the presentation list of the CO-ADAPT consortium. This time we will meet the people behind Electrolux Italia, in a more detailed description of their involvement and their vision of the project.

Electrolux Italia S.p.A., with almost 4.600 employees, is a historic European leader in the household appliances sector covering products research, design, and manufacturing. The Company is part of the Electrolux Group, a multinational organization with 55.000 people in 60 countries. Electrolux Italia, thanks to its consolidated know-how and the presence of several R&D centers, is one of the most important contributor to the Group’s leadership in Europe.

Moreover, Electrolux has the strong ambition to create an environment of wellbeing starting from a solid base devoted to Safety and Occupational Health for its entire workforce (white and blue collars). Industrial sector and more in general large employers can be considered as enablers to create favorable conditions for active ageing, within COADAPT Project there is the opportunity to explore new technologies able to increase measures efficacy and new potential areas of intervention impacting Active Ageing Index.

“Active ageing social challenge calls in question industrial organizations. A wider scenario dominated by Digital Transformation has to be considered in order to properly conjugate both aspects employment and active ageing. In this extend technology innovation devoted to adapt and properly shape the working conditions has to maintain more than in the past a strong focus on human (worker/employ) wellbeing” Erika Menosso who oversees collaborations with Universities within Electrolux Group Technology Organization and participates in COADAPT.