On this page, you will find the project’s public Deliverables – official progress report documents. Click on the thumbnail image or the file name link to download the documents below.

Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWPLead beneficiaryTypeDissemination levelDue Date
D1.1Work ability framework reportWP12 - FIOHReportPublic12
D1.2Conversational modellingWP14 - UNITNReportConfidential12
D1.3Knowledge base contentWP15 - UNIPDReportPublic10
D1.4Consolidated CO- ADAPT frameworkWP12 - FIOHReportPublic40
D2.1Usability and age friendly compliance of CO-ADAPT systemsWP21 - UHReportConfidential14
D2.2Participatory design of Proactive RecommenderWP21 - UHReportConfidential10
D2.3Design and usability of adaptive assembly line with cobotWP25 - UNIPDReportConfidential12
D2.4Ethical Issues in Adaptive Systems for Active AgeingWP25 - UNIPDReportPublic24
D3.1Implementation of Proactive Entity RecommenderWP31 - UHDemonstratorConfidential12
D3.2Implementation of Adaptive Assembly Station with cobotWP37 - BNPDemonstratorConfidential24
D3.3Implementation Generalisability of Smart Shift SchedulingWP31 - UHReportConfidential18
D3.4Open source release of Proactive recommender tool and Smart Shift Scheduling exemplarWP31 - UHDemonstratorPublic24
D4.1Final design specifications of the platformWP43 - INNOReportConfidential12
D4.2Remote physiology sensing and communication moduleWP43 - INNODemonstratorConfidential18
D4.3Physiology Analytics for wellbeingWP41 - UHDemonstratorConfidential18
D4.4Open source release of platformWP43 - INNOReportPublic14
D5.1Knowledge base implementationWP59 - ETSHDemonstratorConfidential18
D5.2User modelling and program selectionWP51 - UHDemonstratorConfidential18
D5.3Prototyping Data Annotation and InterpretationWP54 - UNITNReportConfidential18
D5.4Conversational Agent SystemWP54 - UNITNReportConfidential30
D5.5Open source release of knowledge base implementationWP51 - UHOtherPublic18
D6.1Evaluation of Smart Shift Scheduling including cost-benefit ratiosWP62 - FIOHReportPublic24
D6.2Evaluation of Adaptive Line Work Station including cost-benefit ratiosWP65 - UNIPDReportPublic36
D6.3Evaluation of Proactive digital entity recommender including cost-benefit ratiosWP61 - UHReportPublic26
D6.4Evaluation of CO- ADAPT applicationWP61 - UHReportPublic40
D6.5Synergies between work system adaptations and Co- ADAPT application for future developmentWP61 - UHReportPublic40
D7.1Project websiteWP73 - INNOOtherPublic3
D7.2Dissemination and Communication PlanWP73 - INNOReportPublic3
D7.3CO-ADAPT workshopWP73 - INNOOtherPublic30
D7.4Report on DisseminationWP73 - INNOReportPublic42
D7.5Recommendations and feedbackWP73 - INNOReportPublic24
D7.6Exploitation PlanWP73 - INNOReportConfidential42
D7.7Report on StandardizationWP73 - INNOReportPublic42
D7.8Training materialWP73 - INNOOtherPublic24
D8.1Data management planWP81 - UHReportPublic6
D9.1H - Requirement No. 3WP91 - UHEthicsConfidential25
D9.2H - Requirement No. 5WP91 - UHEthicsConfidential25
D9.3H - Requirement No. 6WP91 - UHEthicsConfidential25
D9.4H - Requirement No. 7WP91 - UHEthicsConfidential42
D9.5POPD - Requirement No. 9WP91 - UHEthicsConfidential3
D9.6POPD - Requirement No. 11WP91 - UHEthicsConfidential25