On this page, you will find the project’s public Deliverables – official progress report documents. Click on the thumbnail image or the file name link to download the documents below.

Deliverable Number
Deliverable Title
Lead beneficiary
Dissemination level
Due Date
D1.1Work ability framework reportWP12 – FIOHReportConfidential12
D1.2Conversational modellingWP14 – UNITNReportConfidential12
D1.3Knowledge base contentWP15 – UNIPDReportPublic10
D1.4Consolidated CO- ADAPT frameworkWP12 – FIOHReportPublic42
D2.1Usability and age friendly compliance of CO-ADAPT systemsWP21 – UHReportConfidential14
D2.2Participatory design of Proactive RecommenderWP21 – UHReportConfidential10
D2.3Design and usability of adaptive assembly line with cobotWP25 – UNIPDReportConfidential12
D2.4Ethical Issues in Adaptive Systems for Active AgeingWP25 – UNIPDReportPublic24
D3.1Implementation of Proactive Entity RecommenderWP31 – UHDemonstratorConfidential12
D3.2Implementation of Adaptive Assembly Station with cobotWP37 – BNPDemonstratorConfidential24
D3.3Implementation Generalisability of Smart Shift SchedulingWP31 – FIOHReportConfidential18
D3.4Open source release of Proactive recommender tool and Smart Shift Scheduling exemplarWP31 – UHDemonstratorPublic24
D4.1Final design specifications of the platformWP43 – INNOReportConfidential12
D4.2Remote physiology sensing and communication moduleWP43 – INNODemonstratorConfidential18
D4.3Physiology Analytics for wellbeingWP41 – UHDemonstratorConfidential18
D4.4Open source release of platformWP43 – INNOReportPublic20
D5.1Knowledge base implementationWP59 – ETSHDemonstratorConfidential21
D5.2User modelling and program selectionWP51 – UHDemonstratorConfidential21
D5.3Prototyping Data Annotation and InterpretationWP54 – UNITNReportConfidential21
D5.4Conversational Agent SystemWP54 – UNITNReportConfidential30
D5.5Open source release of knowledge base implementationWP51 – UHOtherPublic21
D6.1Evaluation of Smart Shift Scheduling including cost-benefit ratiosWP62 – FIOHReportPublic30
D6.2Evaluation of Adaptive Line Work Station including cost-benefit ratiosWP65 – UNIPDReportPublic36
D6.3Evaluation of Proactive digital entity recommender including cost-benefit ratiosWP61 – UHReportPublic26
D6.4Evaluation of CO- ADAPT applicationWP61 – UHReportPublic40
D6.5Synergies between work system adaptations and Co- ADAPT application for future developmentWP61 – UHReportPublic40
D7.1Project websiteWP73 – INNOOtherPublic3
D7.2Dissemination and Communication PlanWP73 – INNOReportPublic3
D7.3CO-ADAPT workshopWP73 – INNOOtherPublic30
D7.4Report on DisseminationWP73 – INNOReportPublic42
D7.5Recommendations and feedbackWP73 – INNOReportPublic24
D7.6Exploitation PlanWP73 – INNOReportConfidential42
D7.7Report on StandardizationWP73 – INNOReportPublic42
D7.8Training materialWP73 – INNOOtherPublic24
D8.1Data management planWP81 – UHReportPublic6
D9.1H – Requirement No. 3WP91 – UHEthicsConfidential25
D9.2H – Requirement No. 5WP91 – UHEthicsConfidential25
D9.3H – Requirement No. 6WP91 – UHEthicsConfidential25
D9.4H – Requirement No. 7WP91 – UHEthicsConfidential42
D9.5POPD – Requirement No. 9WP91 – UHEthicsConfidential3
D9.6POPD – Requirement No. 11WP91 – UHEthicsConfidential