The Project Consortium

The CO-ADAPT objectives can only be reached by a collaboration connecting top-level research groups and commercial players at the international level (Finland, Belgiu and Italy). The number of partners is concentrated in Italy and Finland as the project has trials in these two European countries providing two different country profiles regarding the digitalisation environments (Finland 2nd in ranking and Italy 26th according to the digital economy and society index 114).

The project consortium is very well balanced in terms of academic and industrial participation as well as of coverage of different links in the ICT and occupational health’s value chain. In particular, the consortium includes 4 universities, a specialist organisation providing occupational health services and research (FIOH), a large scale European employer and multinational (ELUX), and 4 innovative SMEs (EHEALTH, BNP,IDEGO, iSPRINT). The value chain is represented from the research providers, tool developers, and service providers to the end-users.

The consortium is formed of research institutions and organisations carefully selected on the basis of the required skills and resources necessary for the successful execution of the project. Each partner complements the other with some additional resources, know-how and skills.

Plenary Meeting Trento
Research Provider

University of Helsinki

Project coordinator. Develops smart adaptive systems and contributes to the knowledge on wellbeing

Research / technology provider

University of Trento

Provides the Artificial Intelligence conversational agent technology (design, training and evaluation) for the CO-ADAPT application

Technology provider/testing


Designs and builds the adaptive assembly with collaborative robotics and will lead the technical testing.



Makes available to CO-ADAPT important knowledge on programs for ageing workers and wellbeing in the workplace. ELUX contribute with an important view as a large European employer.

Domain expert and research

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Domain expert on occupational health and ageing at work, and organization of large scale pilot

Research provider/ Ethics

University of Padova

Provides cognitive load detection techniques, usability for the adaptive assembly with collaborative robotics

Research provider


Provides probabilistic machine learning techniques in WP5 and WP3. Developing the machine learning behind the Proactive Digital Entity Recommender.

Technology Provider

Innovation Sprint Sprl

Performs design and architecture of privacy-preserving platform/dissemination and exploitation leader

Service Provider


Provides digital counseling services in the medical/mental health field

Technology and Service provider


Provides solutions for knowledge base using an autonomous diagnostic service for eHealth based on its self-diagnostic service