Etsimo Healthcare was founded in December 2016 around a vision that healthcare will be assisted by or even performed by machines in the near future, and this makes high quality healthcare both accessible and affordable to everyone through use of technology. Etsimo Healthcare’s mission is to build the technology enabling good quality healthcare on a global scale. The company has a strong team of 7 professionals, three of them internationally recognized scientists in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and humancomputer interaction. Etsimo Healthcare is a spin-off from Etsimo Ltd, built around an intelligent visual discovery engine. By combining human and machine intelligence, it doubles user performance by helping to make sense of information beyond search. Etsimo’s discovery technology is a combination of intelligent search engine and visual interface. Etsimo Healthcare combines the artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies from the cuttingedge discovery engine technology of Etsimo Ltd with the world class diagnosing dataset sold to professionals by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim. Thanks to this combination, Etsimo Healthcare offers a diagnosis search tool for mobile devices that can assess a patient’s condition, care need and next steps. It mimics doctors’ behaviour by creating a dialogue between man and machine, to be able to not only give the probable conditions but instead the correct one. The next steps include optimized and personalized care paths. Etsimo Healthcare closed a 250k€ seed-financing round in May 2017 from the Exio Capital Partners, the Vertical Healtcare Accelerator ( and three angel investors.

Our main tasks in CO-ADAPT and how we fit in

Etsimo Healthcare Ltd. Provides intelligent health service access solutions. In particular, it provides a service for self diagnostic in medical care. In CO-ADAPT the role will be:

  • Leading T5.2 Change Program Knowledge base implementation, thanks to its experience in providing diagnostic platforms that collect medical knowledge
  • Contributing in WP7 exploitation, in particular, considering the commercialization of the COADAPT application.