IDEGO - Digital Psychology is a Limited Liability Company which deals with hosting and provision of application services in the medical-health field, in particular regarding Mental Well-being, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Rehabilitation and Business Training.

IDEGO considers the Digital Psychology as a supporting tool for the Person and aims to formulate psychosocial intervention models taking into account the most recent developments in the fields of science and technology. IDEGO is therefore open up to the new possibilities and potentials expressed by technological innovations and new media, such as Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our main tasks in CO-ADAPT and how we fit in

Planning Phase

- Application of knowledge in the Digital Psychology field, in a manner consistent with the best evidence available.

Setting and implementation of the experimental research

Critical analysis of the available scientific research so as to identify, apply and communicate the best evidence supporting application of psychological knowledge.
Knowledge of contextual variables that influence interventions (e.g. multiple contexts, wider social / political / cultural variables).

Advanced knowledge of psychological theories and models of change relevant to the proposal area.
Specific knowledge in the Human Resources digital transformation process.
Evaluation of the applicability of research for the Italian context.